by Life Moves On

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This record is a collection of songs written during the summer of 2015 through winter 2016 as a means to cope with a wide range of emotions. These songs are our way of getting by, our way of letting go, our way of expressing ourselves in ways we couldn't do on our own.

This is our remedy.
This is our clarity.


released April 29, 2016

Recorded & mixed by Rollie Ulug at Bright Lights Studios in Santa Ana, California.

Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland, Oregon.

Guest vocals on "Remedy" by Tristan Hafner of Echoes.

All music by Life Moves On. Lyrics by Shane West.

Album artwork by Ginno Tacsiat.

Shoutout to our friends in Frustrated, Echoes (RIP), Seance, Rope, Conveyer, In Spite, Primitive Ways, Deep End, Keepsake (RIP), Undercurrent, Frontside, Spirit, Castaway and Generally Speaking. Listen to and support these bands.

One last big shoutout to Steven Callaway at Outlast Records for helping us put out this EP.




all rights reserved


Life Moves On Los Angeles, California

Early 2000's inspired melodic hardcore from Los Angeles, CA.

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Track Name: Up To Us
I'm fed up with all the hate
and ignorance 'cause still we say
It's supposed to be judgement free.
So looking around why do I see
so much intolerance, so much close mindedness?
Elitists who take offense at anyone thinking different.
But we're all just lonely kids,
looking for somewhere to fit in.
It doesn't have to be like this.

It's all up to us.

The hate will be erased
We'll make this a better place.
Track Name: Ebb & Flow
The melodies give way to dissonance,
and all the souls you've met
you realize you will one day miss
(You will one day miss)

Ebb and flow, the come and go
All the faces I used to know,
they flicker and fade
They get lost in the passing days
and I'll never be sure how some paths can converge
only to drift apart,
As if to weave some complex work of art

Uncertain I press on boldly,
and pray that time might move more slowly

Forever entangled in past tense,
the better times, and where they went
and the innocence lost at our expense.
So moving forward don't forget all the people who once meant
the world to you, who helped you push through
the troubled times and stayed true

But with every passing day, people change,
and I just wish some things would stay the same

Trying to hold onto every day
Blurred and gray, they all just slip away
Track Name: Falling/Crawling
Becoming a victim to my own mind.
Trying to pick myself up,
when will I finally get a grip on this life?

But I'll act like I've got a lot to tell
about a state of contentment that I've still yet to find
for myself.

'Cause I've been made to believe it can't be mine -
and deep down, oh somewhere deep down,
I know this is a lie.
And I'm just waiting for something, Waiting for anything to genuinely convince me otherwise

The truth is,
I'm still slipping

Into a constant state of uncertainty
about who I can be
when fear and helplessness are looming over me.
And they say confidence is key, and it's right in front of me
But that self doubt is still all that I can see

It's the hole that I fall in,
it's the rut that I crawl in
and I'm still looking for my way out
Track Name: Haze
I've been hanging my head
and dragging my feet to no end
A reality without clarity,
blurred consciousness and apathy
And I know, I know how I should feel,
I just don't
I don't know what is real
or just habit or routine
I need something to move me.

Walking in circles, over and over
Fleeting hopes of feeling
Will it ever get any closer

When will I wake
Dull dreaming far from lucid,
like I'm shrouded in a haze

And the only thing that makes it clear
is what I'm doing here.
This is passion and expression,
a release from my mind's oppression

A ship out at sea, waiting for a breeze
to send me in the direction that I need to be
The weight of apathy could kill ten of me
But I've been set free

'Cause in these notes I find remedy
'Cause in these notes I find remedy
Track Name: Remedy feat. Tristan Hafner
I can tell you that it's never been
about doing this to pay the rent,
'cause going broke just playing shows
is worth it in the end
when anybody screams back at me
or tells me that they can relate
to the words I put down on a page -
I wouldn't have it any other way.

Remedy doesn't come easy
but doing this, it all becomes clear to me

'Cause all my anger and all my fears
depart from me when I stand here
Pouring out to people I don't know,
all the things that I never show

Even if we never make it
I'd never say that my time was wasted.
I'd take this life over anything

'Cause we're not
in this to get paid
Or so that they know
our faces or our names
This is the only thing that cuts through the numbness
The only thing that makes any sense
When all else crumbles around me,
this is what I know best.

This is our remedy
This is our clarity
This is our remedy,
this is our clarity
I'll take this life over anything
they tell me I should be.
Track Name: Absent Living
Track Name: Vicarious
Detached from reality,
distracted constantly
Undoubtedly because we can't be
alone with our own insecurities
Instant gratification.
It's all been seen and said and done.
Does life lose its luster when shared with everyone?
Bonds empty and fleeting
No passion, no meaning
Social butterflies, or social parasites
We are sucking the life out of life.

We've lost our way
We've strayed

Cause we live vicariously,
our heads hurting,
our eyes burning while we
stare downward endlessly into our own voids
our hands shaking, ears aching from the white noise
and we've become blind to what matters most,
and we've been wandering aimlessly through the dark
as ghosts of what we could be-
loving, and living, and free.

We live vicariously,
and we've been living absently.
I swear I'll be (I swear I'll be)
Loving, and living, and free