Bloom and Die Out

by Life Moves On

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We wrote and recorded these songs over a 2 month period in the winter of 2015. Inspired by early 2000's melodic hardcore in the vein of Verse, Final Fight, Miles Away and Another Breath. We just want to play shows, make new friends and write fun music.


released March 31, 2015

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Bright Lights Studios in Santa Ana, Ca by Rollie Ulug.
Album artwork by Eden Kittiver.
Guest vocals on "Slipping" by Brandon de Vincenzo of Fragments.

All songs written by Life Moves On.
Lyrics written by Shane West.



all rights reserved


Life Moves On Los Angeles, California

Early 2000's inspired melodic hardcore from Los Angeles, CA.

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Track Name: Appease
I’ve got to find a balance between keeping others happy and retaining my sanity
Won’t compromise anything I believe, won’t appease anyone but me.
Track Name: Blind
The truth is that you never saw the good in me
And honestly there were times when I’d agree
But something in the back of my head wouldn’t let me forget that I have worth
I was made for more
Blind to my dreams and passions,
My efforts written off as worthless.
How can you predict what I’ll amount to?
Insecure and bitter, your words lay waste
No support, so alone,
Left wondering if I’m to blame
Your mark on me was one of shame
Can’t believe I let myself get so low sometimes
Pressing on and upward, hoping I’ll never return
Your views and mine, they’ll never agree
I’ll be the man I want myself to be
Potential you couldn’t see in me,
But I know I’ve got a purpose and that’s all I need.
New found sense of direction.
Negativity, hopelessness, I’ve got to shed it all
You can watch me rise, and I can watch you fall.
Track Name: Roots
Such beauty surrounds me
This is where I find my peace
In the stillness, in the quiet moments
I can feel the life in the air
So much to learn from the earth
How to bend and not break,
How to shed the dead weight and regrow new life
When you’ve seemed dead for some time
Draw close to warmth, draw close to light
Always grow but never abandon your roots
Cycles, we bloom and die out
But after winter comes the spring
So be like the trees, patient and strong
Remain at ease you’re only here for so long
Make the most of life before you wither away
From the dust we are born and to the dust we’ll return someday
We will return
Cycles, we bloom and die out
But after winter comes the spring again.
Track Name: Blank
What good is a life that won’t even flash before your eyes,
Unable to reflect on passing time
What good is it if you forget all those you’ve loved?
I never got to say goodbye,
And if I had I’m not sure if I would have already slipped your mind
Would you remember my name?
Would you remember the days we’d spend in the backyard sitting in the sun?
I don’t know.
Mental decay, all that you’ve loved and learned thrown away
What’s the point if at the end you can’t see how far you’ve come?
An old book that ends with nothing more than a few blank pages
And scattered thoughts of the life you knew
I know I’ll see you again,
And you’ll remember my face
I don’t want to live a life where each passing day crumbles and ends up slipping away
Track Name: Slipping feat. Brandon de Vincenzo of Fragments
Catching myself slipping into the darkness
Wondering why I feel so disheartened
Sometimes it feels like I’m just wasting my time
Contentment could be anyone’s, anyone’s but mine
Won’t believe this lie
But when it feels like,
Happiness is an asymptote
Something you’ll never reach but always approach
Know you don’t need anyone’s approval
I know firsthand that the fear of judgment can make you feel so small
Look inward and make a change,
Can’t live in this hell every single day
I know there’s good and bad in me,
Constant battle they say it’s the wolf that you feed that wins
And the contrast between the two is one that I could never conceive
I’ll be damned if I succumb to this
Just remember that life moves on.